The weekend ahead

The staff and guests of Lava Hostel and Hafnarfjörður campsite are excited for the weekend ahead. On Friday the 17th of June there will be a big celebration in our town, as well as the whole country. Since the year 1944, Iceland has celebrated it´s independents day on the 17th of June. We recommend your plan on Friday to be a helium balloon in one hand and a cotton candy in the other and the song “Hæ, hó jibbí jey, jibbí jey, það er kominn sautjándi júní” coming from your lips. In a very basic translation it means. “whoop whoop, it´s the 17th of june!”.

We are not only celebrating our national day this weekend. There will be a big Viking Festival in our town, you can see all about the events schedule here . In our opinion the festival is not something to be missed.

In Reykjavík there will be the Secret Solstice festival music festival. So if you haven´t booked a place to stay we still have some beds available at our hostel and if you want to sleep in peace and quiet during the festival but still at the capital area our campsite is only 15 min drive away from Reykjavík city centre.

So no matter what your preferences are you or your age you should be able to have a great time this weekend!