Welcome to Lava Hostel

Lava Hostel offers low price accommodation in Iceland’s capital area, only 10 minutes drive from Reykjavík city center. Lava Hostel is situated in Hafnarfjörður‘s lava, just a stone’s throw away from one of the greatest Hidden Folk and elves populations in Iceland.

In this great atmosphere we offer rooms for two to eight people as well as a sleeping bag dorm for up to 45 people and a camping site. All our guests are welcome to use our well equipped kitchen and dining area. We also offer free WiFi for hostel guests.

Lava hostel only a few minutes’ walk away from the unspoiled nature and we are also close to bus stops, shops, restaurants, museums, swimming pools, airport bus and various activities.

Hafnarfjörður, the home of elves and Vikings, is close to Reykjavík city. If your mind is torn between the city life and quiet nature, Lava Hostel is most definitely the place for you. We offer you the best of both worlds.


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